“What Is Hypertension?… Is It A Silent Killer?

What exactly is blood pressure?

What is Hypertension

Our heart pumps blood oxygen and nutrients through the arteries in your body blood pressure is the force of blood against your artery walls Blood travels around the body through blood vessels.

As it flows, it applies some pressure against the walls of the vessels, known as blood pressure (BP). When this pressure is consistently high, it is called high blood pressure or hypertension.

There are two readings that measure blood pressure, Systolic pressure & Diastolic pressure

Systolic pressure is the higher number that measures the force of blood being pushed around your body when your heart contracts.

Diastolic pressure is the lower number that measures the force of blood being pushed around your body when the heart relaxes.

Between beats, high blood pressure is when your blood pressure is always higher than it should be this is also known as hypertension and is usually diagnosed when your levels are always above 140.

You’ll generally be diagnosed with high blood pressure if your systolic blood pressure reaches between 130 and 139 mm Hg, or if your diastolic blood pressure reaches between 80 and 89 mm Hg. This is considered stage 1 hypertension.

Over 90 millimeters of mercury high blood pressure makes your arteries less stretchy and damages the walls of your arteries this makes it easier for fatty deposits to build up and limits the circulation of blood and oxygen this can lead to a heart attack or stroke.

What is Hypertension
What is Hypertension
A high BP increases the risk of health problems. If your BP is high, it puts extra strain on your blood vessels and heart. Over time, this increased pressure can cause the blood vessels to get thicker and less flexible or weaker.

Thicker and less flexible blood vessels are more likely to become clogged up (known as a clot) This can lead to a heart attack, a stroke, kidney disease, or a decline in brain function. Manage high BP with these tips

• Limit salt intake: Start reducing your salt intake gradually and aim to use not more than 5g (around 1 teaspoon) of salt in a day. Avoid packaged foods and other processed foods as they may contain excess salt.
• Reduce weight: Losing even 10 pounds (-5 kg) can give you real health benefits.* Aim to eat a high-fiber diet and exercise regularly. WHO recommends walking, cycling or dancing for at least 30 minutes every 5 days a week.** You can split up these 30 minutes into 3 bouts of 10 minutes.
• Cut back on alcohol and smoking: Men should limit their alcohol intake to 2 drinks a day and women to 1 drink a day.* Quitting smoking will not only help you with your BP levels but will also cut the risk of developing many diseases. Consult an expert to know the ideal way of quitting.
High BP typically has no symptoms if left untreated it can cause heart and circulatory diseases anyone can have high BP it is often caused by eating too much salt drinking too much alcohol being overweight or not being active enough to take control of your blood pressure.

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What is Hypertension or High BP and how does it affect your health?
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