why is it Important to have dinner before sunset

Health Benefits of Early Dinner
                          Importance of Dinner Before Sunset
There are many benefits of not eating post-Sunset, in fact, there are many disadvantages of eating post-Sunset, People who eat during the day, have a happy and healthy life.

According to Ayurveda, our body’s digestion is largely dependent on the sun when the Sun is up the digestive fire is up, and slowly as the sun goes down the digestive secretions go down as well.

A lotus blooms in the morning and starts closing when the sun starts setting.

That’s how the human body works too, when the sunrises, it is active, and as the sun sets, it starts closing So whatever you eat post-sunset does not get digested properly instead it rots within, and as result toxins are formed.

This is the reason you can find most people who complain of gas, indigestion, bloating, disturb Sleep, are the ones who eat late at night.

According to a study, 95% of chronic diseases generate from the stomach…

Many people, do not eat post-sunset.

Eating post Sunset results in (sin), a person who eats post-sunset, intentionally and indirectly, ends up killing many Jeeves (organisms and beings)It’s a sin and goes against the principles of Jainism.

But what can they do, think of a student studying late and IT professional who reaches home late at night, people working in night shifts?

Their job nature is such that they have no option but to eat late at night. Don’t worry, according to Ayurveda.

It is best to have dinner before Sunset, although if that’s not possible for you here are some simple steps to digest food late at night.

The secret combination of rock salt and ginger before dinner.

Take a small piece of Ginger and combine it with a pinch of rock salt put it in your mouth and chew it properly before swallowing it.

The combination of Ginger and rock salt is known to ignite the digestive fire which had dampened after sunset.

This will instantly lead to an increase in the secretion of digestive juices. And as a result, you will be able to digest food even late at night.

Health Benefits of Early Dinner

Right nostril breathing practicing, this ancient yogic breathing Technique for just 30 seconds before dinner will ignite your digestive fire in a big way.

This is right nostril breathing also known as Surya bhedi Pranayam, simply close your left nostril using your ring finger and breathe in deeply hold for a few seconds.

Then exhale from your left nostril just nine times before dinner and your digestion will increase.

I would recommend you to do both the steps. while having dinner It is highly recommended that you keep your phones away, switch off your TV, and totally indulge in your food so that you get the maximum out of it after you have completed it don’t just go to sleep.

It is very important that you go for a slow walk or if you are already feeling tired sit in “Vajraasan” for about 10 to 15 minutes to digest the food properly and increases the blood flow in the stomach area, which helps digestion

Keep a gap of at least two hours between dinner and sleep and when you go to bed for sleep, make sure you sleep on the left side.

This is because when you sleep on the left side your right nostril is mostly working. This is another way to keep the digestive fire up and is actually an extension of Surya bhedi pranayama.

when we sleep on the left side our stomach is ideally positioned downwards, which doesn’t let the acid in pop words again extremely helpful in proper digestion.

Before having dinner chew & swallow a combination of rock salt and ginger then practice right nostrils breathing for about 9 to 10 times, eat your dinner mindfully with love needless to say one should strive to have light dinner.

Although it might not be possible always, that’s okay after dinner either go for a slow walk. Keep a gap of at least 2 hours between dinner and sleep finally sleep on the left side.

Although if you have no option following these simple steps You will not only be able to digest the food late at night. But also when you wake up early in the morning, you will be feeling much more energetic.

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