Importance of Calcium

what is calcium? & why calcium is so important in our body?

Calcium is the most important element in our body. we all have a control system that regulates how much calcium is in our blood and how much calcium is in our bones this control system is the parathyroid glands.

what calcium does in our body?
our bodies use calcium as the electrical system that runs the nerves and muscles. Everybody knows that calcium makes our bones hard but that is not the most important thing that calcium does for us the most important thing that calcium does for us is it runs the electrical system of our bodies all mammals, dogs, cats, horses, elephants, humans we have an advanced nervous system that allows us to move and to think

In our nervous system all the nerves in our bodies including our brain are designed to use calcium as the chemical. Electricity if you think about the electrical system in our homes there are electrons that flow through the wires in the walls which powers our appliances. we use calcium to flow along the nerves as a way to conduct a chemical electricity.

we then use calcium flowing in and out of muscle cells to make the muscles expand and contract. calcium is the most important element in our body because it provides the chemical energy that we use to do most things.

Calcium runs the electrical system of our body we all know that the electricity in our homes is kept at a very constant level at all times by the power company we don’t have 110 volts coming out of the walls on Monday and 150 volts coming out on Tuesday if we did our light bulbs would burn out earlier & our appliances will wear out much faster. Just as the power company controls how much electricity is flowing through the wires in our house our bodies have a control system that regulates how much calcium is in our blood and how much calcium is in our nervous system.

As I said before the control system for calcium in our bodies is the parathyroid glands the job of the parathyroid is to control the calcium in our bodies.These four little glands are supposed to make sure that calcium never goes too low or too high the parathyroid glands in our bodies regulates the chemical energy just like the power company regulates the electrical energy in our homes.

Of all the elements in our bodies sodium potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc and all the others only one element in our bodies has a control system that’s calcium no other element has control system and no other element is regulated in such a small normal range in fact the control of calcium is so important to our health that it is quadruple redundant that is we all have four parathyroid glands all doing the same thing just as NASA has a backup systems for most important parts of their space shuttle our bodies were designed with a backup system for the control of calcium we all have four parathyroid glands quadruple redundancy does not exist anywhere else in our bodies.

we have one liver one thyroid one stomach we have two kidneys two ovaries two eyes two ears but we have four parathyroid glands all doing the same thing and almost always they do fantastic job of regulating our calcium because these glands do such a good job. parathyroid glands worked fantastic for our entire lives and almost all people the glands don’t goad very often but when the glands do goad we can suffer the consequences in many different parts of our bodies when parathyroid glands go bad it is typically because one of them went crazy and developed a tumor this out-of-control tumor is like a power plant with a meltdown there’s too much calcium in our blood and this increase in calcium can have tremendous effect on our nervous system how much energy we have how tired we feel how well we sleep how our heartbeats and many other issues in closing we use calcium as the chemical energy of our bodies sure calcium makes our bones hard but as a well regulated blood calcium that makes us feel good and enjoy life

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