What is the Importance of Sleep in our Life

For centuries we’ve regarded sleep as nothing more than a way to recharge our batteries but all of that is changing.

The sleeping brain is now emerging as an energetic and powerful machine. 

Researchers are attempting to penetrate the mysterious world of sleep and decipher its secrets
             “Secrets that could change our lives”
Importance of Sleep in our Life
Importance of Sound Sleep
We spend almost 30% of our lives in sleep, but still many people give surprisingly little attention and care for it.

The importance of sleep among humans has to be emphasized especially now that people are getting less and less of it with the busy schedules that each human being has, most of them sleep less than the required 8 hours every day.

Sleep debt causes physical, emotional, and mental fatigue.

Sleep is not just lost time, or a way to rest when all our important work is finished or completed.
The importance of sleep must be stressed because a lack of sleep causes an individual to be impatient, irritable, moody, and unable to concentrate.

Because when a body lacks sleep, a person becomes too tired to do things that he/she is tasked to do.

Drowsiness during the day is also the main cause of sleep deprivation.

In fact, a night of good quality sleep is important during which our body balances & regulates its vital systems like circulation to growth & immunity.
Lack of sleep affects the immune system of the body. A person with chronic sleep deprivation has less white blood cells count.

White blood cells are known as soldiers of the body which protects the body against invasion of foreign materials and infectious diseases.

The body also needs sleep in its growth. Young adults and children need deep sleep for proper growth.

It is said that it is during deep sleep that the growth hormones are released.

There is increased production of cells and reduced breakdown of proteins when a person sleeps.

Optimal social and emotional functioning are also maintained during waking hours because the parts of the brain in charge of controlling social and emotional interactions are given a chance to rest through deep sleep.
There are a few ways to improve the extent and effectiveness of memory retention.

For example, memories that are formed in times of heightened feeling, or perhaps stress, will be better recorded because of the hippocampus’s link with emotion.

But one of the key factors contributing to memory consolidation is a good night’s sleep.
There are 4 stages of sleep, the deepest of which are known as slow-wave sleep
A person with a large sleep debt also has a tendency to gain weight.

Lack of sleep affects the way the body stores and processes carbohydrates.

It also alters the hormone levels which, in turn, affect the individual’s appetite.

A person with a serious sleep disorder also has a tendency to have increased irregular heartbeat, hypertension, and increased stress hormone levels.

The metabolic activity of the brain is also decreased during long hours of wakefulness.

For adults, including the elderly, the average amount of sleep needed per day is seven to eight hours.

For five years old to adolescents, the body requires nine to eleven hours of deep sleep every day.

For newborns to five years old, the body needs eleven to eighteen hours of sleep.

The importance of sleep must be emphasized because a lack of sleep often leads to health problems.

Importance of Sleep in our Life
Many people have Sleep problems due to   Depression, Anxiety, or Relational problems.

One of the foremost common associated problems that they have is difficulty sleeping.

This shows up as either having a tough time falling asleep,   staying asleep, or simply feeling tired all the time.

Getting enough quality sleep can make your brain function much better and you’ll be better at solving problems and feel more self control.

Let’s Understand & talk about how to train your brain to sleep well and it’s called “sleep Hygiene”
Sleep hygiene:- Sleep is essential for good mental health lack of sleep can cause mental illness.

Research is showing that one of the most effective ways to treat depression is by helping people improve the quality and the quantity of their sleep.

A recent study of individuals with depression got very good improvements after resolving their insomnia & 87% of them experienced major improvements in their depression.

Their depression symptoms disappeared after eight weeks of nice sleep so how can we improve our ability to induce sleep
we can train our brain to sleep better. Sleep hygiene means going through a routine that trains your brain and body to know when to sleep.

It’s like a muscle that strengthens with practice, sleeping well is a skill we can develop.

Since because you’re trying to trigger the autonomic nervous system to start your sleep cycle it’s really important to use a routine. 
Importance of Sleep in our Life

 If you’ve ever tried to get a toddler to fall asleep you know how important it is to stick to a routine, adults aren’t too different, remember that reflexive responses are usually outside of our direct control.

we can’t force ourselves to sleep but we can train our brain to know when to sleep.

so start by taking time off from your daily routine & loosen up before bedtime that the brain associates with the sleep.

To do this you have to keep a consistent schedule whenever possible.

Importance of Sleep in our Life

 Try to go to bed and wake up around the same time each day, dim the lights cool the temperature, and decrease your stimulation so, for example, do quiet activities like reading a book or taking a bath because these triggers help calm down.

Don’t watch TV or exercise right before bed, another thing you can do is have the right routine before bed.

In addition to a routine, there are some things you can do during the day that are going to improve your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep.

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