What are Probiotics? & it’s health benefits

what are the benefits of Probiotics?

A body is made up of different kinds of systems. we have a circulatory system digestive system & the Nervous System.

However, there is one more system ie. the immune system & 70 to 80% of the immune system is actually located in our Gut.

 All of us know that a body is made up of trillions of cells but most of us do not know that we have more bacteria in our bodies than human cells. 8 to 10 bacteria represent one cell imagine how many bacteria we have in our body.

we have bacteria’s all over our body we have it in our nose in our ears on our skin but 70 to 80% of bacteria are actually located in our gut which is our immune system.

what’s more interesting is that these microorganisms which we called microbials actually helps us to protect against germs, they also help us to breakdown our food & absorb nutrients and also help us to produce some vitamins.
what are the benefits of Probiotics?

These bacteria are called good bacteria’s but we also have bad bacteria in our body. To enjoy good health we need to maintain the ratio of good bacteria & bad bacteria.

We need to have 85% of good bacteria & 15% of bad bacteria.

Whenever our body goes out of balance & it may go out of balance for many reasons like when we have unhygienic food or a bad diet like more of alcohol/Sugar diet or change of environment or if you have a lot of stress you may go out of balance and that is when the bad bacteria start taking advantage and start growing and that’s why the diseases start attacking our body.

So it is very important to maintain the ratio of good bacteria & bad bacteria.

Our ancestors always knew the benefits of probiotics & that’s why every culture had probiotics in their diet in different forms like yogurt, pickle, or any kind of fermented food.

So always try to include Probiotic food in your daily meal along with active lifestyle to keep your gut healthy.

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