What is Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR?


What is “BMR” or “Basal Metabolic Rate”?  Throughout the day we do a lot of physical activities, like walking, household work, exercising & all these physical activities require a lot of calories. Basal metabolic rate or “BMR” is the amount of calories that the body requires when it is at rest. So for example, if a person sits here for the next 24 hours, and if he does not move his body at all, his body is still going to require a small amount of calories to sustain vital functions like breathing digestion blood circulation & many other activities. so our basal metabolic rate is nothing but the minimum amount of calories that our body requires to carry out these vital functions when it is still at rest.
   If you’re working on your weight loss, weight gain or weight maintenance it does not just depend upon how many calories you’re burning or how many calories you are intaking, it also depends upon your basal metabolic rate. 
   Basal metabolic rate also varies from person to person. So a person who is tall, well built & muscular & his basal metabolic rate is high ie. 2,000 calories & the other person, who is narrow Stager and not that muscular his basal metabolic rate is low ie. almost 1200 calories.
   There is nothing right or wrong about metabolic rate. All you need to understand is that if your metabolic rate is high you’re going to lose weight faster & if your metabolic rate is low then you’re going to lose weight much slower. Most people when they start their weight loss program they get frustrated that they are not losing weight like their peers or spouse and they stopped doing what they’re doing. 

So Just continue to do what you are doing. Remember “BMR” plays a very important role in the Weight Loss, Weight Gain & Weight Maintenance Journey. A person with low BMR may lose weight much slower as compared to a person with a high BMR. Do not compare yourself with others, have patients, follow your routine thoroughly with a positive attitude which will help you to easily reach your ideal weight & maintain the same in the long run.
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