why good muscle mass is important for good Health?

why good muscle mass is important to maintain good health?                

Our body is made up of three things. We have bones we have muscles and we have fat. To explain muscle mass better I’m going to give an example of how we make a building. 

To make a building we need three things bricks, cement, sand, or clay.

In our body bricks represents bones, cement represents Muscle mass and the sand or clay is the fat.

Just Imagine what if we make a building where we use more of sand or clay and less of cement the building will not be able to bear any kind of shock or pressure.

As we know to make a building cement is essentially required along with bricks & sand.

But can we then just make a building using the bricks, sand or clay & not using cement at all.

we need the cement so that it holds the entire structure.

The same way in our body we need higher muscle mass and low amounts of fat so that your bones can be held by this muscle mass which is nothing but kind of cement of our body.

when you have strong Muscle Mass bone structure doesn’t get loose which can help you prevent all the joint pains or knee pains or back pain.

Most of the time when people age they start getting all these aches and they think that it is because of a lack of calcium Yes, that could be one of the reasons however the second reason is because of low muscle mass.

It’s the muscle mass that holds this entire bone structure and when we have low muscle mass this structure gets loose and that’s how we start getting all these pain. 

In India, most of the people have very low muscle mass.

The reason behind that is Indians have very little protein in their diet. The second reason is that we do not do a lot of resistance exercise.

when we do resistance exercises a lot of wear and tear of the muscles happens after which consumption of protein-rich food helps to build a good muscle mass & get a nice muscular body. 

These are the reasons why Indians have a very low muscle mass.

For females it should be 30-33 percent of their body weight & for males it should be 33 to 36 percent.

If you want to increase your muscle mass you need to do two things:-

  1. Every day start adding protein in every meal that you have.
  2. Start doing resistance exercise at least four times a week.
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